Improve Scientific and Technical Advices for Fisheries Management

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Considerations over a new recruitment model for exploited fish populations.
Bas et al. (1998), 1998. Considerations over a new recruitment model for exploited fish populations.. Royal Academy of Sciences and Arts, Vol. LVIII Nr. 5:157-183..

A general framework is proposed where the SR relationship is considered as as multiple steady-state system which is described as a summation of non-linear functions allowing for stable, periodic and chaotic dynamics. The SR system is considered as a dynamic continuum, limited by a maximum allowable carrying capacity (Kmax) and a minimum viable population (K0) and may consist of multiple equilibrium states and carrying capacities: stock and recruitment may, persistently, evolve and return between the ceiling and floor of the system allowing for the description of highly complex dynamics. The conceptual advantages of the new framework are discussed..

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