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The ISTAM project

The ISTAM project, funded by the european commission, aims at coordinating scientific and technical activities in order to strengthen fisheries information systems within the CECAF region.


It aims specifically at:

  • Improving the quality and the quantity of the data that are or will be used for evaluation and the diagnosis of the fishery sector.
  • Improving the evaluations and diagnoses with the particular aim of enhancing the use of suitable methods at appropriate spatial scales.
  • Improving the availability of validated and documented data.
  • Establishing a dialogue for the identification of future research needs in order to improve information that supports fishery management.


The project involves a limited number of CECAF countries (Morocco, Mauritania, Senegal and Guinea). However, ISTAM activities will be advertised and disseminated at the regional level through its website. During the life span of ISTAM these partners will act as leaders by doing and promoting inventories, case studies and methodological comparisons at regional level. ISTAM project can be considered as a pilot phase which results will help design a future larger project.