Improve Scientific and Technical Advices for Fisheries Management
Emmanuel Chassot
Emmanuel Chassot
Fisheries scientist

As an associate fellowship within the Fisheries and Aquatic Sciences Center (UPR Mesh) of Agrocampus Rennes (ex-Fisheries Department), my research deals with the ecological issues raised by the progressive implementation of an ecosystem approach to fisheries. I am particularly interested in the analysis and assessment of ecosystem effects of fishing through modelling and indicator approaches. Within the ISTAM coordination action, my work is included in the WP 3 that mainly aims to identify the sticking points and major problems encountered by the COPACE working groups for the assessment of the sub-region marine resources.

Institution :
Fisheries and Aquatic Sciences Center
Liste des cas d'études :
Website of the ISTAM project
Species factsheets
Extrapolation of length frequencies
Models for short living species
Length/age conversion
ISTAM meeting n°2
Data-poor models
Environmental models
Abundance indices
ISTAM meeting n°3
Training course on the R software
Liste des publications :
  • CHASSOT E., 2005. Approche Ecosystémique des Pêches : de l'utilisation d'indicateurs à la simulation théorique ; vers un modèle couplé écologie / économie appliqué au Finistère. Thèse de Doctorat Halieutique, Ensa-Rennes .