Improve Scientific and Technical Advices for Fisheries Management
Pierre Chavance
Pierre Chavance

Pierre Chavance is a senior scientific officer working on fisheries biology at the IRD since 1990. He has taken an active part in various scientific programmes aimed at consolidating the national institutions responsible for monitoring marine resources and fisheries in developing countries such as Mauritania (1986-1990), Guinée (1990-1996), Sénégal (1999-2004). These programmes have contributed to the monitoring of fishery resources and to the promotion of scientifically informed management decisions. He coordinated the StatBase module of the FIAS (UE) programme for the IRD in which he was responsible for fisheries statistics and stock assessments in West Africa. Pierre CHAVANCE is coordinator for IRD of the ECOST (INCO- UE) project and is member of the Scientific Council of the CNSHB.

Institution :
French Research Institute for Development
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Liste des publications :
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