Improve Scientific and Technical Advices for Fisheries Management
Pierre Morand
Pierre Morand

Pierre Morand is a senior scientific officer working on biostatistics at the IRD since 1989. He has taken part in many research programmes in Africa including: 1- The research programme funded by the French Ministry of Cooperation in the Inland Delta of the Niger river (1989-2002), 2- The project modelling the fisheries of Inland Delta of the Niger river funded by IRD (1993- 1995, as coordinator), 3- The InfoDEV “WiseDEV” / UE INCO-DC “SIMES”, projects on environmental information systems in Subsaharan Africa, in particular pilot operation devoted to the fisheries of the Central Delta of the Niger (1997-2000), 4- The “GIHREX” research programme funded by IRD, on the integrated management of floodplains. (1998-2001). He is involved in the management and processing of data as part of the INCO-DEV CONSDEV project and in various conception/improvement projects for systems of monitoring small-scale fisheries in West Africa. Pierre Morand is also coordinator of workpackage relating to the information system of the INCO ECOST bio-economic modelling project.

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French Research Institute for Development
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Inventory and description of monitoring systems
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