Improve Scientific and Technical Advices for Fisheries Management
Francis Laloë
Francis Laloë

Francis Laloë is a senior scientific officer working on statistics at the IRD since 1979. He is involved in fisheries research in the general fields of sampling, data analysis and the development of a general model representing the joint dynamics of resources and exploitation. This model is being developed so as to (i) be used to make estimates from the normal types of data sets (e.g. catch and effort data) and (ii) be a tool to help in decision-making taking into consideration the flexibility of the fishing units. F. Laloë was involved in the UNIQUAIMS collaborative work (1998-2000 coordinated by Janet Riley) supported by the European Union (INCO-DC)

Institution :
French Research Institute for Development
Liste des cas d'Ă©tudes :
ISTAM meeting n°2
Joint dynamic models (fishery model)
Good practices and general methodology
Abundance indices
Inventory and description of monitoring systems
ISTAM meeting n°3
Training course on the R software
Liste des publications :
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