Improve Scientific and Technical Advices for Fisheries Management
Nicolas Bez
Nicolas Bez
Geostatistics science

Nicolas Bez is a senior geostatistics scientist who has just joined IRD's OSIRIS team (September 2004). Since 1993 Nicolas Bez has worked on fisheries the Geostatistics Centre where wrote his thesis on geostatistics applied to survey data (1996). He has participated in several European research projects and has coordinated the CATEFA European project on the combination echo-location and experimental trawling data which was completed in October 2004. He has supervised three PhDs and is a regular contributor to the annual ICES conference. Since 1995, he has been a member the board of the Association Française d’Halieumétrie.

Institution :
French Research Institute for Development
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List of the minutes of the Working group and other documents
Abundance indices
Extrapolation of length frequencies
Stock identity
Length/age conversion
Data-poor models
Models for short living species
Environmental models
Joint dynamic models (fishery model)
Good practices and general methodology
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Training course on the R software
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