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Pierre Failler
Pierre Failler

Pierre Failler is MAa Senior Research Fellow, who has led the ECOST project for 4 years (EU-INCO) . He has been with CEMARE since 1997. He has led many research programmes including: 1-DGXII Research Programme PECHDEV “General Equilibrium Model applied to maritime activities contribution to Regional Development” (Feb. 2002-Jan. 2005); 2-The FAO project “Agriculture toward 2015/2030” (Dec. 1999-April 2003); 3-DFID Research Policy Programme “European Union fishing agreement with third countries: commitment to the principle of Responsibility” (January 2001-Dec 2002); 5-(with A. Neiland) EU/FAO/Dfid Regional and National Public Polices in West Africa (Jan. 2002-Dec. 2002); 6-FAO/DFID Research Project “Impacts of PIP on fishermen community livelihoods in Sénégal” (Dec 2000-June 2001); 7-(with J. Catanzano) INCO-DG Research Project “North West African Cephalopod Programme”, (April 1997-Aug. 1998); 8-(with J. Catanzano and H. Rey), DG FISH “ EU Fisheries Agreements Study” (June 1998- Oct. 1999); 9-DG FISH study “Employment and Level of Dependency on Fishing” (Dec. 1998-Dec. 1999). He has also organised three EU specific actions: INCO-DEV: “Incidence of external driving forces on the production and management of fisheries in ACP countries” (Lisbon, May 1999) ; AXES “Research Orientation for Assessing the Contribution of Marine Activities to Regional Development” (Jan. 2001-Feb. 2002) ; INCO-DEV, ENJEUX “Challenges of social sciences research in fishery on West Africa” (Aug. 2001-March 2002). He has been involved in many other international projects like the current one INCO-DEV: Governance of Marine Protected Areas in West Africa (coordinated by IRD).

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