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Mohamed Soumah
Mohamed Soumah

Database administrator

Responsible for the Department of computer science

Beginning my work in CNSHB as an intern in 1993, I participated in the conception and implementation of the statistic information system on the industrial fisheries of Guinea. I became in April 1994 responsible for the fisheries information system of the fisheries observatory of CNSHB in Guinea, following its implementation. From 1995 to 1998, I was in charge of the FAO database information system dealing with geographic information on West-African fisheries (SIGAFO). From 2000 to 2004, I was a member of a service unit of IRD (Fisheries Information System; SIH) in CNSHB and I participated in the development of information system operational tools for the FIAS project that concerned some countries of the Sub regional Fisheries Commission (SRFC).

Computer skills in:

-         Database management: Dbase IV, FoxPro, Access, MySQL, Postgres

-         GIS: MapInfo, ArcInfo, ArcGis, ArcView,

-         Development of user-friendly interfaces: PHP/MySQL, PHP/Postgres.

Institution :
Centre National des Sciences Halieutiques de Boussoura (CNSHB)
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