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Aldo P. Solari
Aldo P. Solari
Dynamics of fishery resources

Since  1995,  we  (Bas,  Castro,  Solari  et  al.) have worked on the
development,    mathematical   formalization,   parametrization   and
validation  of  a  new,  non-linear framework for fish and cephalopod
population  dynamics:  in  this  approach, stock-and-recruitment (and
fishery  dynamics)  are  considered as a multiple steady-state system
(or  dynamical  continuum  governed by a variable carrrying capacity)
which  is  described  as a summation of non-linear functions allowing
for  (coupled)  stable,  periodic,  and chaotic dynamics. In a simple
equation,  we  have succeeded to link dynamical features ranging from
chaos  (as external conditions are extremely benign), going through a
series  of,  relatively stable, converging cycles (as external stress
increases)  to  a  standstill state with no clear oscillations as the
the  extinction  of the commercial fishery is being approached. These
concepts    are   associated   to   multiple   equilibria,   variable
(multivariate    mediated)   carrying   capacity,   inverse   density
dependence,  minimum  viable  population  and  their coupling through
density  dependent  and  density independent processes. Also, several
studies  have  been  carried  out in order to analyze the dynamics of
exploited,  marine  fish  stocks (demersals, large and small pelagics
and cephalopods), in light of the new framework.
I am a knowledge seeker and -as far as human matters are concerned- I
believe in teamwork, honor, loyalty and professionalism.

Institution :
Universidad de Las Palmas de Gran Canaria
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