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Institut Mauritanien de Recherches OcĂ©anographiques et de PĂȘches

I.M.R.O.P.'s main role is to analyse the constraints and biological, physical, socio-economic and technical determinants of the fishing sector in order to assess the various management and development strategies that could be envisaged to allow sustainable exploitation of marine resources. To this end, according to section 2 of the decree of 2002, I.M.R.O.P. must set up the technical and scientific means required to acquire disseminate and if needed produce popular accounts of detailed knowledge on: - the nature, ecology, trends and dynamics of exploited stocks; - the quantitative fishing effort of various fishing fleets; - the socio-economic factors and mechanisms controlling the various fish marketing channels and their impact on the national economy; - the concept and practice of responsible fishing. The I.M.R.O.P., is a government self-financing organisation. This institute has a cultural and scientific role and is administered by an advisory body, the administrative council, assisted by a Scientific Council (section 4 of the decree 2002-036). The I.M.R.O.P. has research departments, each department can be divided into laboratories and directed by a departmental head, usually having the status of research scientist. - The Department of Living Resources and the Environment (DRVE) has skills in biology and fisheries ecology and the environment; - The Department of Exploitation and Management (DEA) is responsible for the socio-economics of fisheries and stock assessment and exploitation; - The Statistics and IT Department (DSI); - The Economics and Health Inspection Department (DVIS) is responsible for marketing of products, health inspection, chemistry and microbiology.

Pays: Mauritania
Site Web : http://www.imrop.mr

Personnes impliqués dans le programme ISTAM
Mahfoudh Mahfoudh Taleb O / Sidi, Biology
Ebaye Ould Sidina, Biology
Assane Fall, Marine Information Management
Pierre Labrosse, Biology
Cheik Abdallahi Inejih , Biology
Ely Beibou, Informatique
Sidi Yahya Ould Cheikhna,
Beyah Meissa, Biology
Oumar Hamet Wagne,