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Institut Français de Recherche pour l’Exploration de la Mer

IFREMER is a commercial government agency. Founded by the decree of 5 June 1984, it is the only French organisation with an entirely maritime role. IFREMER operates under the joint auspices of Ministry of national education research and technology, the Ministry of agriculture and fisheries and the Ministry of public works, transport and housing. IFREMER is involved in all the marine fields of the science and technology and therefore has the ability to resolve various problems using an integrated approach. IFREMER's range of activities can be divided into four main fields: understanding, evaluating, developing and controlling the oceans' resources; improving knowledge and conservation and restoration methods for the marine environment; producing and managing equipment of national interest; helping socio-economic development in the maritime world. IFREMER has advanced expertise in the assessment of marine resources and the analysis of fisheries technology. In addition IFREMER also maintains several statistical databases using data from ship logbooks, sales certificates and the results of scientific surveys

Adresse: IFREMET
Pays: France
Site Web : www.ifremer.fr
Rôle: Ifremer will participate mainly in WP1, 2 and 5

Personnes impliqués dans le programme ISTAM
Patrick Berthou, Fishery information system
Valerie Harscoat, Informatique
Emilie Leblond, Fisheries scientist
Mickael Treguer, Software engineering