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The "PĂ´le halieutique / Fisheries and aquatic science center" belongs to Agrocampus Rennes, a higher education institution depending of the French Ministry for agriculture and fisheries. The center (18 scientists, 10 PhD students) is the only one in France in charge of polytechnic and multidisciplinary graduate and post-graduate programs, in Fisheries Science & Aquaculture (900 students graduated, since 1970). It is involved in several Masters and delivers PhD specialized in fisheries sciences. Within the center, the fisheries ecology laboratory (6 scientists, 5 PhD students) leads research projects related to: quantitative methods and models for the study of marine ecosystems dynamics under anthropogenic pressure, essential fish habitats in the coastal zone, integrated coastal zone management and bio-economic fishery management.

Adresse: Agrocampus Ouest
Pays: France
Site Web : http://www.agrocampus-rennes.fr/halieutique
RĂ´le: Agrocampus Ouest will be responsible for the coordination of WP4 ("Training") in coordination with IUPA, and of WP5 with IFREMER. Agrocampus Rennes will also actively participate in WP1, WP2 and WP3

Personnes impliqués dans le programme ISTAM
Emmanuel Chassot , Fisheries scientist
Didier Gascuel, Fisheries scientist
Jerome Guitton, Database Administrator
Etienne Rivot, Fisheries Scientist