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Centre National des Sciences Halieutiques de Boussoura (CNSHB)

Coming under the Ministry of the Fishing and Aquaculture, the Centre National des Sciences Halieutiques de Boussoura (CNSHB) is a Guinean government research institute working on the small-scale, industrial and freshwater fisheries and on the very strong dynamics between coastal and maritime Guinean environments. About thirty sientists are supported by the survey supervisors and field surveyors in the various landing sites along the coast.

Thanks to the technical and scientific support of the IRD, the CNSHB has since 1995 set up fisheries information systems through the Guinean Fisheries Observatory. Now entirely paid for by Centre's own funding, this decision-making aid for sustainable management of Guinean marine resources compiles the results of surveys and analyses and publishes them in two forms: the annual fisheries Statistical Bulletin distributed to all the people involved in fisheries sector and the attached technical and scientific reports that are usually only sent to the authorities.

Adresse: CNSHB
Pays: Guinée
Site Web : http://www.cnshb.org.gn
Rôle: In charge of the coordination of the Working Package number 2

Personnes impliqués dans le programme ISTAM
Youssouf Hawa Camara, Biology
Ibrahima Diallo, Biology
Alkaly Doumbouya, Biology
Aboubacar Sidibe, Biology
Mohamed Soumah, Informatique