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Activity : Good practices and general methodology

Monitoring and observatory systems in charge of the provision of data used in scientific advice or decision making processes must be able to guarantee quality regarding collection procedures and the capacity to assess the reliability of series produced.

The commitment in such a process of quality still seems premature. However several actions and thoughts (methodology, guidelines Â…) can significantly improve the efficiency and quality of information systems at the national level:

-         Information/literature review on the systems (collection, how they operate...) and of series (how they operate...),

-         Parameter setting and optimization of collection systems,

-         Assessment and improvement of the quality  of data series

-         Thoughts on the elaboration of a graphic application (UML or other) that would allow the modelling of monitoring systems in their different dimensions.

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Persons involved in the case studies
Nicolas Bez, Geostatistics science Pierre Labrosse, Biology
Youssouf Hawa Camara, Biology Francis Laloë , Statistics
Jerome Guitton, Database Administrator Ely Beibou, Informatique
Oumar Hamet Wagne, Gilles Domalain, Biostatistics
Mohamed Soumah, Informatique Pierre Morand, Biostatistics
Emilie Leblond, Fisheries scientist

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