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Activity : Joint dynamic models (fishery model)

This activity considers the dynamics of both the exploitation and the resource. The articulation between these two components is based on the capacity of choices of different types of fishing (fishing trade) by individual fishing units. Each type of fishing is defined by catchabilities on stocks, and the fishing units are grouped in fleets defined by sets of available type of fishing. Probabilities of choices of type of fishing are functions of their expected incomes depending on the stock abundances and various economic variables.

These models are built in order to be fitted with usual stratified sampling designs, commonly used for catch effort. The quality of the model is evaluated by comparing fitted and observed data in terms of catches per fishing trips and in terms of numbers of trips per sampling strata.

These models can then be used to evaluate the impact of various kinds of changes (economic, natural environment) that can be decided or not. Since the flexibility of fishing units is taken into account, the impact evaluation concerns both the exploitation and the resource.

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Persons involved in the case studies
Nicolas Bez, Geostatistics science Francis Laloë , Statistics
Mohamed Soumah, Informatique Abdelmalek Faraj , Biology

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