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Activity : Models for short living species

This activity aims to (1) identify the models (or methods) either simply applicable or the most adapted to short living species stocks assessment, and (2) implement the methods through several case studies. It is envisaged to test it in priority on Octopus (Morocco, Mauritania and Senegal) and then possibly on cuttlefish. In terms of methods, three types of models have been identified namely: depletion models, monthly VPA and monthly analytical short term simulation models. Except for these methods, only the whole processing chain leading to an assessment of these species is concerned. The other models or methods tested in the framework of other WP3 activities (long-lived species) can be studied in terms of feasibility, necessary alternatives and/or their relevance in the case of an application to short lived species.

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Persons involved in the case studies
Didier Gascuel, Fisheries scientist Nicolas Bez, Geostatistics science
Emmanuel Chassot , Fisheries scientist Didier Jouffre , Biology
Eduardo Balguerias, Biology Ibrahima Diallo, Biology
Cheik Abdallahi Inejih , Biology Modou Thiaw, Biology
Abdelmalek Faraj , Biology

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