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Activity : Ecosystem indicators

The objective of this activity is to identify a number of ecosystem indicators (and/or multi specific) useful to monitor the resources and/or fisheries. This activity falls under the perspective of an ecosystem approach of fisheries for the COPACE region. The selection of indicators will be made taking into account past and ongoing activities at the international level on this topic (GT CHR-eurocéan, IFREMER, CIEM etc…). In this selection, the priority will be given to indicators that are theoretically easy to calculate and interpret. The expected results of this activity will be the feasibility tests (availability or not of data), the relevance of the data, and their interpretability relating to fisheries management and their complementarities relating to other methods, in particular the classical approach based on mono-specific modelling. The data that will be used to calculate these indicators will mainly be surveys data. In the tested case studies, the temporal evolution aspect of these indicators will particularly be targeted, which does not exclude that certain indicators can be spatial indicators (i.e. refer to spatial distribution characteristics). Issues of statistics representativeness of values and trends observed will be taken into account, as well as dissemination aspects (presentation, dashboard ….) relating to the concerned WP (WP1 and WP5).

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Persons involved in the case studies
Didier Gascuel, Fisheries scientist Pierre Labrosse, Biology
Didier Jouffre , Biology Bora Masumbuko, Biology
Ana Ramos, Biology Modou Thiaw, Biology

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