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Activity : Species factsheets
Species factsheets developed within the WP3 and available through the ISTAM website consist in a first step of the work based on a literature review dealing with the case studies of the project. These factsheets both aim to present the main biological and ecological characteristics of the species of interest and make a summary in terms of stock assessment for the case studies. Each sheet sums up the available information on the geographic limits of the stock, the commercial and scientific data on catch, fishing effort, abundance indices, etc. that are the inputs to the assessment models and presents the most recent diagnoses made on the stock and/or fishery status (model, reference points, reliability, etc.). Following the literature review on the CECAF reports and discussion with assessment group experts, the objective of the last part of the species factsheets is to identify the key points that raise difficulties in terms of assessment for each selected case study and present the sub-region stocks affected by the same problems. These factsheets will be included in the first intermediary report of the project.

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Emmanuel Chassot , Fisheries scientist Jerome Guitton, Database Administrator

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