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  Module 5 - Dissemination - coordinateur : Agrocampus Ouest - IFREMER


One important aspect of the project, and especially as all members of the COPACE zone are not fully participating partners in the project, consists of ensuring that information on the project's activities and results is disseminated widely by means of two main, but closely linked, products:

Ø      a website

Ø      an online prototype electronic atlas.

The site, and the atlas, will serve both as a shop window for the research organisations involved in the project and to share the knowledge acquired during the project.



The ISTAM project's website (in English and French for the higher levels) will be one of the headings of the CSRP website. It should provide access from the outside to the project's content and its products. The aspects likely to be available on this site include:

  • Access to the project's constituent parts: Description, News, Results
  • The documents, tools (software) and guidelines produced
  • Documents and supports for the training sessions
  • A chatroom (for exchanging ideas and information between partners)

Producing an "Electronic atlas" (on case studies).

This online subregional fisheries atlas will be based on the case studies conducted within the project. It will combine possibilities of visually displaying the data series and/or indicators (qualified and documented) made available by the project in the form of graphs and maps. It should also provide thematic maps on the resources, the environment and fisheries. These functions require work that is consistent with WP1 (selection data sets, documentation), WP2 (qualification, harmonisation), WP3 (significance, validation) and WP4 (e.g. training in GIS tools).

Policy Implementation Plan (PIP)

As required by the Commission, the consortium will produce a Policy Implementation Plan.



  • D5.1 A complete and progressive website containing all the project's documents
  • D5.2 An online prototype electronic atlas.
  • D5.3 Policy Implementation Plan
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