Improve Scientific and Technical Advices for Fisheries Management
  Module 2 - Subregional information systems - coordinateur : CNSHB


The aim of this WP is to design and build a prototype information system that would already include the major functions that would be expected of a future subregional information system on the fisheries, as a support for management.

This system will capitalise on the experience acquired within the FIAS subregional project dedicated to this question (StatBase, TrawlBase, etc.). It will also take inspiration from innovative national experiences that have proved satisfactory and will pay attention to compatibility with major existing international systems (FAO) or those under study.

These functions and their integration will be developed using the new data sets identified in the selected case studies and/or data sets already available thanks to the FIAS project or that are in the public domain. The following aspects will in particular be dealt with:

Ø     Archiving data and meta-data using standardised formats.

Ø     Producing data catalogues that will enable the desired data sets to be quickly identified and updated.

Ø     Methods of controlling the quality the data applicable to fishery data (with WP1)

Ø     Harmonisation and exchange between SI (units, nomenclature, protocols, etc.)

Ø     Availability of libraries of geographical layers, environmental information and on relevant ecosystems.

Ø     Producing products (reference series, indicators, logbooks, cards, etc.) and saving them (with WP3).

Ø     Access to the data and products (proposing a subregional and technology "data policy" that can ensure the implementation)

Ø     Dissemination and web technology (with WP5)


  • Inventory of the data sets that will be retained by the project and definition of the specifications of the subregional information system and the contents of the two successive versions
  • Constitution of a series of references (geographical references if possible) from WP1a and WP1b, with special attention to the following points:

ü   Harmonisation of nomenclature (gear, spatio-temporal scale, taxonomy, etc)

ü   Definition of relevant geographical and temporal scales

ü   Documentation of the data sets (origin, how obtained, etc). Meta-information

ü   Libraries of relevant geographical levels

  • Constitution of a series of indicators

ü   Definition and choice of a series of references and indicators in relation to the results and analyses of WP3 (CPUE, price, effort, etc) with the intention of improving the spatio-temporal resolution of indicators chosen.

ü   Actual calculation of the values of the indicators chosen

ü   Documentation on the calculation methods and the extrapolation procedures

§         Thinking on the various procedures that could be envisaged for developing quality control in the fishing data and case studies implemented in the regional IS (with WP1 and WP3)

§         Designing and building a first version of the subregional information system

§         Designing and building a second version of the subregional information system

  • In terms of "data policy", the management and accessibility of data, will be considered:

ü   A review of existing practices, difficulties and rules relating to the status of statistical data

ü   An analysis of these practices, difficulties and rules leading to proposals for "data policy" guidelines



  • D2.1 Inventory of data and meta-data retained by the project and definition of the specifications for the prototype subregional information system
  • D2.2 Supply of a catalogue of data and of the project's regional database including a library of geographical referenced layers (documented, standardised) compatible with the regional database
  • D2.3 Prototype (functional) of the subregional information system. Annotated tools and case studies.
  • D2.4 Recommendations (general principles and technologies for making them) for a "data policy" at subregional level

Persons involved in the working package
Aboubacar Sidibe
Case studies
Data Policy
Information systems network