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  Module 0 - Project management - coordinateur : IRD


  • Ensure the project's correct conduct
  • Monitor the project's progress and scientific progress
  • Ensure the financial management and relations with the Commission
  • Produce the mid-way and final reports
  • Ensure internal and external information exchange

The management of ISTAM project can be broken down into following the actions:

Ø      Coordination and project management activities (relations with the Commission, intermediate and final reports, newsletter, etc.) 

Ø      Invitation of associated partners (budget managed jointly by IRD and CSRP)

Ø      Recruitment of a contract employee (website, general management, administrative monitoring, meetings secretary: invitations, minutes) 


Meetings will take place every 6 months. During the first meeting, decisions will be taken concerning: the species to be studied, the priority case studies, the "minimum data policy", etc.

The POORFISH project coordinator and associated partners (COPACE, FAO members) will be invited to the project's three strategic meetings, namely the launch, mid-way and final meetings.

Dr. Moctar Ba (Director of the FIAS project and expert to the Mauritanian fisheries ministry) will be invited to the project meetings to fulfil the role of moderator/facilitator.

The project's products (e.g. website, technical appendices, deliverables, publications, etc) will be written in English and also possibly in French (e.g. for the website which could be bilingual). However, to take into account the fact that most of the consortium are French-speaking, whenever possible the working language will be French. The communication methods used (e.g. e-mail) will remain mixed (as for the time being everyone can understand each other) and the language chosen will depend on the author and the extent to which the e-mail will be circulated.

Reports to the European Commission.

The consortium undertakes to project progress reports after 18 months (mid-way report), and at the end of the project.

Communication and diffusion.

As the consortium is geographically very dispersed it will be essential to maintain a website to i) facilitate communications between the partners and ii) show the results of the project to a wider audience and iii) announce meetings and the project's key stages. Relevant information, such as minutes of meetings, deliverables, annual reports, and products generated by ISTAM (e.g. the prototype atlas when this is operational), will be posted on the website. Someone will be assigned the task of keeping the website up-to-date.

Data exchange and accessibility (“data policy”).

Two levels must be distinguished.

A first level concerns the project's conduct whose aim is to share the data and information relating to the chosen case studies between the project partners (see D0.1). This is a "minimum data policy" discussed and validated at the first project meeting. The publication conditions will be defined and prior agreement of the data owners will be required before any publication. One of the project products will therefore be this capacity of the partners to develop joint analyses on existing and shared data.

A second level concerns medium-term thinking and recommendations. In fact WP2, whose aim is to define the methods, tools and the protocols that are needed for setting up a subregional information system, will lead the consortium to think in general terms about a "data policy" (spatial level and temporal aggregation, rights of access, intellectual property, etc). The outcome of this thinking will be one of the deliverables (see D2.4).


A newsletter of 2-4 pages, prepared by the coordinator, containing general information about the project, the list of participants, and any significant advances will be produced during the project, the aim being to produce one per year.


  • D0.1 Minutes of meetings
  • D0.2 Interim activity report
  • D0.3 Mid term report
  • D0.4 Final report
  • D0.5 Project website
  • D0.6 Newsletter
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