Improve Scientific and Technical Advices for Fisheries Management
Etienne Rivot
Etienne Rivot
Fisheries Scientist

I run my research in the Fisheries Ecology Lab. of Agrocampus Rennes, France. I┬ĺm interested in data analysis and quantitative modeling methods applied to the ecology and management of fisheries. My research are focused on the application of Bayesian statistical modeling approach for the analysis of ecological data, inference and predictions.

I intend to run my participation as part of the ISTAM action dynamic, deeply in relation with the European project POORFISH. I shall take part in the development and in the transfer of Bayesian statistical analysis methods that aims at accounting for all sources of uncertainty in the models.

Institution :
Fisheries and Aquatic Sciences Center
Liste des cas d'├ętudes :
Data-poor models
Environmental models
ISTAM meeting n┬░3
Training course on the R software
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