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Cheik Abdallahi Inejih
Cheik Abdallahi Inejih

Cheik Abdallahi O/ Inejih is a fisheries expert and fisheries biologist. He has been research scientist at IMROP since 1987, author of a thesis on the octopus (Octopus vulgaris). M. Inejih has worked on the assessment of stocks of demersal resources, the application of GIS in fisheries and has experience in terms of database management (fishing statistics, scientific trawling surveys, etc.). He has coordinated the TrawlBase module of the FIAS project for IMROP. He is currently scientific coordinator of the IMROP/RIVO project on demersal resources and the "Towards a sustainable Imraguen fishery" (VPDI) project with the PNBA and FIBA.

Institution :
Institut Mauritanien de Recherches OcĂ©anographiques et de PĂȘches
Liste des cas d'Ă©tudes :
Stock identity
Models for short living species
ISTAM meeting n°2
Data-poor models
Environmental models
Abundance indices
Collection and management of some specific information
Liste des publications :
  • Inejih C.A., Jouffre D., Mahfoud T. S. and Stobberup K, 2004. Multispecific and ecosystemic analysis applied to demersal communities off Mauritania: a synthesis.. World Fisheries Congress.

  • Jouffre D. and C.A. Inejih,. , 2005. Assessing the impact of fisheries on demersal fish assemblages of the Mauritanian continental shelf, 1987–1999, using dominance curves. ICES Journal of Marine Science, 62: 000–000. ICES Journal of Marine Science.

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