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Ely Beibou
Ely Beibou

Recruited in 1998 at the time of a contest organized by the public office, I was affected at the Statistical and Data-processing Department (DSI) of the Mauritanian Institute of Oceanographical Research and Fishings (IMROP) in the capacity as engineer data processing specialist. At once, I conceived, developed and set up a data base "environment". Thereafter I worked much on the statistics, the data bases and the administration networks. I was implied in the project of Fishery’s Information and Analyses System (FIAS) where I coordinated the GIS module and partly the StatBase module for Mauritania. In 2005 I obtained a master of information and system information option Research, data-processing speciality in the INSA of Rouen. Within the framework of this master I carried out a training course of development where I carried out a "cartographic viewer" in Open Source on the basis of OpenMap. Currently I work on two ambitious projects of which the first aims at the realization of a follow-up system of the demersal fisheries (FSDF) in Mauritania and the other the Fisher’s System Information of the Mauritanian Institute of Oceanographical Researches and Fishings (FSII) Within ISTAM I took part in the WP5 through the realization of the Web site of the project. Within this framework, I was associated at the stages of design and construction of the data base and the developments in PHP.

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Institut Mauritanien de Recherches OcĂ©anographiques et de PĂȘches
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