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Commission Sous RĂ©gionale des PĂȘches

It was created in 1985 and came into force in 1989. Cape-Verde, the Gambia, Guinée, Guinée-Bissau, Mauritania and Sénégal are members. Sierra Leone joined the Commission in 2004. The aims of CSRP are the harmonisation of joint policies in terms of the preservation, conservation and exploitation of the fisheries resources in the subregion. Up till now, several legal documents have been adopted, particularly the convention relating to the determination conditions of access and exploitation of fishery resources off the coasts of the CSRP member States; the convention on subregional cooperation in the exercise of the right of maritime pursuit; the protocol defining the practical methods of coordinating fisheries surveillance operations between the member States, in application of the convention on the subregional cooperation in the exercise of the right of maritime pursuit.

Pays: Senegal
Site Web : http://www.csrpsp.org
RĂŽle: The CSRP will contribute to the dissemination of the outputs of the Coordination Action towards regional partners of the COPACE region and stakeholders. This will be undertaken in particular through the hosting of the web site of the project and through the set up of regular communication with the local representative of the coordinator.

Personnes impliqués dans le programme ISTAM
Kane Cire, Biology
Bahi Ould Beye, Information Technology