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The Institut National de Recherche Halieutique (INRH) of Morocco is a self-financing and independent government organisation. The institute's role is conducting technical studies, experiments and providing service activities for: (i) Developing a better knowledge of marine resources and of their status in order, to control, preserve and strengthen fishing (ii) improving knowledge of and the means of protecting and reconstituting the marine environment (iii) providing decision-makers in the public sector or actors in the private sector with the scientific information needed to develop responsible and sustainable exploitation of marine resources.

Pays: Morocco
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Rôle: As part of its role of monitoring fisheries and stock assessment, the INRH collects, processes and analyses a large amount of data using direct and indirect approaches. To improve its system of collecting, storing and processing data and to produce a regional information system, the INRH will be actively involved in WP1 and WP2 concerning information relating to demersal resources and short-lived fish. The INRH also intends to actively participate in WP3. Its long experience in the direct assessment of cephalopod stocks could serve as a case study for analysing the approach used by the INRH, validate it and provide all the developments and improvements needed. Furthermore, the various demersal fisheries (hake, prawns, cephalopods and others) serve as case studies for their analysis and possibly envisage the development of ad hoc stock assessment methods. The INRH will not in principle be involved in the subject of pelagic stocks but could participate as an observer.

Personnes impliqués dans le programme ISTAM
Moustapha Bahadda, Geographic Information System
Mehdi Elouairi , Biology
Abdelmalek Faraj , Biology
Abdelkrim Kalmouni, Geographic Information System
Khalid Manchih,
Hicham Masski, Biology