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Institute of Marine Research

The Institute of Marine Research does research on marine resources, the marine environment and aquaculture.

The InstituteÂ’s duties are to:

Ø      monitor and carry out research on life, the environment and interactions among living organisms in coastal waters and the ocean

Ø      generate new and updated knowledge of marine resources of importance to fishing and aquaculture

Ø      develop technology and greater biological understanding as the basis of rational, future-oriented fishing and aquaculture industries

Ø      offer advice to the authorities and industry regarding management of the marine environment and its resources

Ø      disseminate the results of research in order to promote the interests of the fishing and aquaculture industries and of society as a whole

With a staff of about 650, and an annual budget of 80 million Euro, the Institute of Marine Research is the largest marine research institution in Norway and one of the largest in Europe, and in many of its areas of research it plays a leading role at international level.

Most of its activities are based in Bergen, but the Institute also has a department in Tromsø and research stations in Matre and Austevoll near Bergen, as well as in Flødevigen near Arendal.

The Institute operates five large research vessels with one of its pride G.O. Sars being one of the most advanced research vessels in the world today.

Site Web : http://www.imr.no/english/about_imr
Rôle: Through the FAO/NORAD “Nansen” Programme, IMR has a long-term involvement in scientific data collection in the Region, particularly regarding the resources of small pelagic fish. IMR will thus participate in order to facilitate coordination with these activities, and to provide advice to the project based on the experiences gained through the long-term commitment to the scientific investigations in the region.

Personnes impliqués dans le programme ISTAM
Ingvar Huse, Biology
Tore Jakobsen, Marine biologist