Improve Scientific and Technical Advices for Fisheries Management
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D1.1.1 Review of existing monitoring systems
D1.1.2 Methods of analysing the quality of data and estimates derived from them.
D1.1.3 Guidelines for the, design, setting up, use and maintenance of monitoring systems. Proposals for restructuring monitoring systems with a standardised approach for the countries of the zone.
D1.2.1 National databases of validated, updated and documented scientific trawling surveys, in a standardised, uniform format to make it easier to integrate them at a regional scale.
D1.2.2 Tools calculating the order of magnitude of the precision of biomass indices.
D2.1 Inventory of data and meta data retained by the project and definition of specifications for the prototype of the subregional information system
D2.2 Supply of a catalogue of data and of the project's regional database including a library of geographical referenced layers (documented, standardised), compatible with the regional database
D2.3 Prototype (functional) of the subregional information system. Annotated tools and case studies + D5.2 A prototype electronic atlas accessible on line
D2.4 Recommendations (general principles and technologies for making them) for a data policy at subregional level
D3.1 Review of estimation methods used by the COPACE assessment groups (and their level of documentation)
D3.2 Standard procedures for stock assessment and case studies + D3.3 Stock assessment softwares
D3.4 Software for the joint analysis of exploitation and resource dynamics
D3.5 Review of management measures in force
D4.1 + D4.2 Documents of training session No. 1& 2
D4.3 Documents of training session No. 3
D4.4 Documents of training session No. 4
D5.1 A complete and progressive website with all the project documents
D5.3 Policy Implementation Plan